MAMA RECOMMENDS: Strianese San Marzano Tomatoes!

Everyone asks me “What makes your gravy so delicious? What are your secrets? ” Well, I am not going to give away all of my secrets, but I will let you in on one thing: A great deal of what makes my gravy sooooo special is the fact that I use Strianese Whole Peeled canned tomatoes imported from Italy!  These are the Lamborghini of tomatoes. You can pick a can up at the shop, or order on line!

These tomatoes grow in one specific region of Italy, San Marzano.  Each can is registered and verified that it comes from San Marzano. The tomatoes are rich and deep in flavor and not too acidic.  The interior of the cans are lines in a white coating to retain this top-notched flavor and to avoid any metallic flavor which comes from tin. Talk about special!!! I cannot say enough about these delightful babies. Start here for a five star, home run gravy like mine!