MAMA RECOMMENDS: Roland Fig Balsamic Glaze

There really isn't anything too fancy / dancy about this product, but BOY, is it GOOOOOOD!  Roland has made a rich and dreamy balsamic glaze with fig accents, and this balsamic is my 'run to' when I really want to kick it up a notch and give my plate an Eastern Mediterranean flare!

  Perfect for a Caprese Salad, drizzle some on baked chicken, or soak walnuts, , pine nuts or even pecans in this glaze before lightly roasting them.  Heavenly!

Swing by Mama Gizzi's to pick some of this glaze up (or better yet, give me a call.... I use this a lot and am known to run out) or you can purchase it online by clicking the Amazon link below.

Enjoy this balsamic glaze and explore! #lakeworth #ilovewpb #fig #balsamic